• Is your business generating enough profit?
  • How is your cash flow?
  • Is your team working well together?
  • Does it take more out of you than you want, causing you stressful days and sleepless nights?

Owning or leading a business can be stressful

I help you demystify leadership, supporting you to achieve stress-free success.

Over many years I’ve seen the best and the worst leadership behaviours and want everyone to revel in true success, through learning how to lead well.

You deserve to be successful in a stress-free way

You will find support here to make this happen. Your thinking will shift so that you understand what brings you stress-free success. You will find the time and the energy to do what really matters in your business.

You will uncover what success truly means to you, guiding the decisions you take. Decisions that will build success into your business, without compromising your values or your health.

You will also develop the leadership, personal effectiveness and self-care tools that make your stress-free success possible.

Three Pillars of Stress-Free Success


The way you lead your business and your team is a major factor in your stress-free success.

Learning how to lead your team, rather than managing them, will change how they respond.

Developing a coaching style, coupled with openness makes your people stronger so your whole team functions at a higher level, to take more pressure off you.


The way you work. The decisions you make, and the effort they take. Doing the right things at the right time. Personal effectiveness is all of these.

This is much more than productivity; it’s understanding your roles and allocating the right effort to each of those roles.

Tools, and the skills to use them, will help you achieve your success.


Looking after your mental and physical health is just the start.

Harness the power of ‘being lazy’ (at the right time) to make you more effective. It may seem counterintuitive to you, but it boosts good decision making and produces great work.

You will learn how to turn off the things that drain you and focus on what energises you.

How You are Supported

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What they say…

A very positive experience

Thanks to his excellent Business Coaching I was able to cut through all the fog that was getting in the way and develop a strategy that suited my aspirations for the business.
Lee Stampton
Owner of Health and Safety South East Ltd

Working with Donnie was very easy

External potentially disruptive changes were handled with minimal impact to cash flow, as a result, financial performance, operating procedures and management team performance have all improved.
Ramsay Cowan
Owner/Director of IPS International Ltd

An invaluable source of support

His flexible approach enables you to work with the changing and unpredictable nature of what life sometimes throws at you and develop a way forward that leaves you feeling more in control.
Sophie Chadwick
Director of Enterprise and Employability at CCCU

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