How would it feel to achieve success and remain stress-free?

Does the pursuit of success leave you feeling stressed?

Does chasing success cause you stressful days and sleepless nights?

I’ll be successful when…

Success can be elusive. It seems as if it is just beyond your grasp. One more product to launch. One more big customer to land. A little more income.

You have a picture of the success you’re striving for, but it keeps morphing. You keep thinking you should feel successful by now, but you don’t, not yet.

My stress will ease when…

Whilst success can seem elusive, stress seems so easy to find. You have lots on your plate. people are demanding more time and energy of you than you can spare. You want people to step up and help but you don’t know how to ask, or you’re not sure if they can. People around you don’t seem to understand what you need them to do. You feel responsible for everything and it’s not working as smoothly as you want.

How to find your Stress-free Success

Stress and lack of success are intertwined. I don’t think you can feel success if you are stressed out. I don’t know of any role models that are stressed out to the max all the time.

There is a path to stress-free success, but it involves some work. There is no magic wand, or quick acting pill that brings a sustainable feeling of success. Each person has different things that cause them stress, just as each person has a different model of success. The work need not be difficult though if you find the right help and learn the right tools.

The path involves understanding which personal values you hold strongly and figuring out which are in conflict rather than alignment. There is a similar process for getting clear on your own definition of success, stripping away any external pressures. Coupling this new clearer understanding with self-care and personal effectiveness (like personal productivity but more rounded) tools you can start your journey to stress-free success.

How We Support You

What Clients Say…

A very positive experience

Thanks to his excellent Business Coaching I was able to cut through all the fog that was getting in the way and develop a strategy that suited my aspirations for the business.
Lee Stampton
Owner of Health and Safety South East Ltd

Working with Donnie was very easy

External potentially disruptive changes were handled with minimal impact to cash flow, as a result, financial performance, operating procedures and management team performance have all improved.
Ramsay Cowan
Owner/Director of IPS International Ltd

An invaluable source of support

His flexible approach enables you to work with the changing and unpredictable nature of what life sometimes throws at you and develop a way forward that leaves you feeling more in control.
Sophie Chadwick
Director of Enterprise and Employability at CCCU

A Little Bit About Donnie

Donnie is a Cognitive Behavioural Coach who helps SME leaders go from a stressed and overwhelmed life to achieving stress-free success.

Developed a coaching style and culture as a senior manager in a blue-chip pharmaceutical company and a FTSE 100 recycling company.

Qualified and experienced in a wide range of coaching methodologies.

Helping individuals and SMEs for over 12 years.

Donnie, a softly spoken Scot, lives in Kent along with his wife Sasha and can often be found absorbing all the news around Formula 1 or taking long walks in nature.

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