You have built a successful business, but you feel that it’s all down to you. The sense of responsibility and stress is building.

There are so many things you need to do. You feel you’re spending too much time in reactive mode, driven by events and other people. You’re struggling to keep your focus on the things you want to do.

You’re looking for a sense of direction, control and contentment.

Coaching Solutions

When you invest in coaching we move your business and life to the next level. I support you with insights, you bring your expertise of you, and together, we develop the steps to your stress-free success.

You will benefit from a deeper understanding of yourself, whichever solution you choose. You will also understand how your actions and values can have a compounding effect on you and those around you. You’ll learn self-coaching tools which will enhance your life well beyond the end of the programme.

If you are ready to dig deep, learn new skills and focus on your future then you will gain the stress-free success and contentment you deserve.

Sessions are on a video link with an easy-to-use, reliable service. This frees you from the constraints and stresses of travel, allowing you the flexibility to meet anywhere you have a WiFi or phone signal. A laptop, or phone, with a camera is all you need.


An intensive session with time to dive deep

This is for you if you are feeling stuck. You’ve already tried to move forward, still, you have no clarity on achieving your aim.

Be prepared to examine the problem from different angles, finding fresh perspectives.

You will feel a renewed energy to work through the action plan that you create.

Half-day £299


12 Solution-Focused Coaching Sessions

This is for you if you need space and time over three months to work on the issues holding you back. You will develop the skills, and belief in yourself, to push to the next level of contentment.

Your sessions will be infused with the three pillars of stress-free success: Leadership, effectiveness and self-care.

You choose the agenda for each session by bringing current, real-life, examples of the issues you wish to resolve.

You have my email support between sessions.


Everything from the Standard Package plus observation and feedback

This is for you if you are seeking a mix of development coaching with external analysis of the behaviours which impact on your leadership.

Choosing team or 1-1 meetings, you invite me to join, remotely, to observe.

After the meeting, you will receive honest feedback on how you and your team operate. This helps you identify areas for you to work on, with my support.

In addition to the 12 standard sessions, you have 10 hours of observation, feedback and action planning. These additional hours can be planned at various times across the three months to enhance the main coaching programme.

You have email, video or phone support from me between sessions.