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We are producing a range of online courses to support your journey to stress-free business success. The courses will be built around my experience in working with business owners like you.

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Seal Your Success. From Complexity to Clarity in 35 Days

You can start the journey by looking at what success means to you. This is a great way to step back for a moment and understand why you are in business. You will feel energised and refreshed by understanding what makes you feel happiest and what fulfils you.

Your image of success is made up of lots of different influences. Your parents, your wider family, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbourhood, the books you read, the TV you watch, the adverts you see – they all add to the complexity of the picture.

You can work for years on achieving your image of success which was influenced by others before you realise it’s not quite what you want.

The effect on you is you’ve felt unsettled in some of your work and that the success you have been achieving is not as fulfilling as you thought it would be. It has also been harder to achieve success than you thought, mainly because at a subconscious level a truer meaning of success has been trying to be heard.

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We look at the benefits of defining what success means to you. You will examine your current model of success and understand where various elements have come from.

Once you’ve examined your current model you will look at what is truly important to you. There are some exercises which will uncover elements of your revised model of success.

Finally, you will pull the important elements of your success into a touchstone document that gives you clarity on your new success model, guiding the work you can do to deliver stress-free success.

This is an online course. Delivery is a mix of explanatory videos, short quizzes and exercises for you to complete.

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