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After most coaching sessions my clients leave with an Action Plan. Why do I call it an Action Plan and not a task list? What’s the difference?

Task Lists are one dimensional

If you have a task list, think about the types of things that appear in that list. What do they all have in common?

‘Phone Dad’, ‘buy birthday present’, ‘book car service’, ‘create report’, ‘reply to Sarah’ are all tasks. You can work through the list picking the next one for you to do.

Multi-dimensional Action Plan

In coaching, agreed tasks are recorded on your Coaching Action Plan. However, the best coaching isn’t just about getting things done. The full power of coaching lies in challenging unhelpful beliefs, thinking styles and behaviours and reducing their negative impact.

The Action Plan is used to remind you of alternative thinking styles and behaviours so that you build evidence to challenge unhelpful beliefs. By noticing your feelings in certain situations, you become more aware of your beliefs and how they influence your behaviours.

The prompts refer to a situation when you apply the alternative way of thinking.

A typical prompt of this type would be to ‘notice how you feel when you say “yes” to something you don’t want to do’. Unlike a usual task on a task list, you can’t just scan your list and decide that that is the next thing to do. You need to be asked to do something, by someone else, before you can notice how you feel.

Action Plan Results

Each week you will tackle the tasks on your Action Plan, this ensures you keep moving forward. As well as getting tasks done you will also gather a wealth of knowledge about how you felt in certain situations. This knowledge will be examined in coaching, to make moving forward easier.

If you want to develop an Action Plan to keep you moving forward, and for this to get easier and easier, book a free chat today. We will discuss the things that you struggle with and start looking at how to make your life easier.



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