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What is holding you back from your next level of success? For a moment we’re going to strip away the practical elements. We’re not going to spend time thinking about the steps you need to take, finding the next goal, or about elements in your environment holding you back.

Let’s just have a look at the feelings and thoughts that hold you back from your next level of success. Some common fears are:

  • more success brings a greater burden
  • you don’t want to outshine someone in your life
  • greater success will make you feel more vulnerable
  • you don’t deserve more success
  • greater success doesn’t fit your story
  • It will take too much hard work to get to the next level

These thoughts and feelings may not be clear to you, they may be subconscious. Although these are common factors, you may have other conscious or subconscious thoughts which prevent you from reaching the next level of success or even enjoying your current level more easily.

Take a minute to review each of the above fears and see if any of them chime with you.

As mentioned in some of my other writings the first step in achieving success is understanding what success means to you. Once you have understood your picture of success, then understanding what may hold you back is an effective way forward.

The good news about the above fears is that they are within your own control. They are thinking patterns or beliefs that get in your way. Quite often bringing them out into the open can help take away their power.

Next time you’re having difficulty achieving some more success or you find yourself stuck, recall some of these fears and see if any of them have become active causing a block. Ask yourself what would happen if I didn’t have that fear?

These fears are often present when I work with clients. There are good techniques for working out what your fears are and understanding how to put them to one side, so you can achieve your goals more easily.

If you find yourself struggling to get to the next level of success, then employing a coach is an effective way of having a conversation around your fears, which will help dissipate them.

As a direct challenge to just one of the common fears listed above – you do deserve stress-free success. Do you want some help achieving it?



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