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Benefits of Levelling Up

Levelling up is a term that comes from gaming, especially the role-playing genre. The aim is to develop your character’s skill level so that they can complete a series of quests that get more difficult as the game progresses. In the game, if you keep practising a skill e.g., spellcasting or sword fighting, then the game rewards you by increasing your character’s level in that skill. With a higher skill level, life becomes a little easier for your character and new, more powerful skills become accessible for them to practice. The cycle continues until you reach the highest level possible.

In real life, when people talk about levelling up, they are often referring to developing in one skill area. Just as in gaming, it is possible to focus on just one skill and to ‘level up’ in the area you feel needs development.

This single focus can pay dividends. If you need to work on closing sales or getting more work done, then it makes sense to spend time developing the skill. Failing to level up will slow your business’s development.

One trick pony

Consider the person who just focuses on one skill. How would you characterise someone who had a sole focus on sales? Would it follow that they would be a good leader?

What about someone who is just focused on getting their work done and doesn’t think about the rest of the team, or where the business is heading? It may sound good initially, but what are the problems that can arise? What happens if this person is the business owner or a leader in your business?

The benefits of ‘Spiralling Up’

Rather than focus on just one skill to develop I advise choosing three that, in partnership, will bring you a benefit greater than the sum of their parts. Work on each skill in turn, raising each in rotation and feeling the benefit of each pay forward to the next. This is spiralling up.

There are three core skills I advise my clients to work on: Self Care, Personal Effectiveness and Leadership. There is a strong link between the three that suits business owners.

Pause for a minute and consider what happens when you let one of these skills drop from your toolbox.

If you want to understand how this can help you in your life and business, book a free chat with me.



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